Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

Post Operative Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is the most critical part after major surgery. Surgery will not be successful if the rehabilitation process is faulty. Post-surgery rehabilitation or physical therapy is an important part of recovery.

Post-operative physiotherapy treatments are planned to the patient’s specific condition to help decrease stiffness and pain. The ultimate goal is to return the patient to complete independence, living a full and active lifestyle.

It is essential to retrain core stability following spinal surgery. Often a very specific strengthening is needed to achieve a full recovery after ankle, knee, and shoulder surgery.
Our methods ensure fast recovery by first controlling the inflammation, then restoring the full normal range of motion and then progressing on to advanced strengthening and stretching.

We’re Available!

We treat a range of post-surgical conditions like:

  • Back surgeries
  • Elbow, wrist, and shoulder surgeries (including rotator cuff repair)
  • Foot and ankle surgeries
  • Fractures
  • Hip and knee replacements

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